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Autumn Hall Master Organization Board

President Brian Eckel

Vice-President/Treasurer Mike Brown

Secretary Leah Cox

Autumn Hall Community Association Board

Acting President MaryBeth Burns

Developer’s Rep Mike Brown

Vice President Mary Beth Burns

Treasurer Charles Babington

Secretary Dan Ludwig

Member at Large Greg Holder

Member at Large Larry Mas

Member at Large Tim Kroenke


Landscape Advisory Committee

  • Tim Kroenke
  • Jane Hawthorne  
  • Armand Daniel 
  • Debra McArthur

Social Committee

  • Kim Tushingham
  • Teri Kelly
  • Wendy Miezin
  • Bekki Guidice
  • Dar Parrow
  • Linda Smith
  • Lucy Newman

Infrastructure & Pool Committee

  • Dan Ludwig (Chair)
  • Ray Miezin
  • Gerry Burns
  • Ken Nesbihal (Special Assistant)

Financial Advisory Committee

  • Larry Mass (Chair)
  • Bekki Guidice  
  • Peter Newman

Design Review Committee

  • Mike Brown, Developer Representative
  • Scott Sullivan, Designer Representative
  • MaryBeth Burns, Owner Representative
  • Karen Kistler, Owner Representative
  • Allen Van Dyke, Owner Representative

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