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I observe a stranger or suspicious-looking character lurking in the neighborhood, who should I call?

The phone number for the Wilmington Police Department non-emergency desk that monitors Autumn Hall is 341-1607.  Otherwise, don’t hesitate to call 911.

If I have a trash receptacle problem or special pickup request, who do I call?

City of Wilmington solid waste can be reached at 910-341-7875.

What is the restriction on loud, barking dogs?

New Hanover County Ordinance 5-30.5-9 covers: 

Any animal which barks, whines or howls in an excessive, continuous or untimely manner or any animal which habitually or repeatedly chases, snaps at, attacks or barks at pedestrians, bicycles or vehicles, and is not in an enclosure or under restraint.  Call animal control at 910-798-7500 if the problem persists.

If I have a question about chopping down a tree on my property who do I get permission from?

Approval is required from the Autumn Hall Design Review Committee following DRC guidelines and an ARC Form approved prior to calling City of Wilmington tree department.  City of Wilmington Tree Department can be reached at 910-341-7852

What can be done to reduce the noise from building contractors on weekends and holidays?

According to Autumn Hall Design Review Guidelines dated Dec 2017, page 29 – “Maximum hours for workers is from 07:00 AM through 07:00 PM Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 on Saturdays, no construction on Sundays or holidays; Builder and lot owner are responsible for conduct of sub-contractors.  Fine or withholding of builder’s deposit may ensue if violations occur”.  Contact PMC at 910-679-3012, ext 708 for resolution.

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